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I'm an faculty of computer science as a Software Developer/Trainer at Convergys IM, India. I just finished grad school at JNTU in May 2005. 
I'm a climber and general outdoor freak, I run more than I climb, and have a masochistic taste for things like marathons. 
Apart from programming in Java and C#, I like networks, operating systems, security, and most other things that pass my way.

 Would be thrilled to
know that I'm tracking you by your I.P address , don't worry, its just simple and for maintaining logins to my site

I am the Typical Boy Next Door with a good sense of humour coz i like spreading smiles around me....

I also have a peculiar fondness for cooking and sharing chicken stock recipes with my mom. Luckily, she's a much better cook than I, so the direction of information flow is fairly obvious.

Look out for other pages of the site.

Thanks for visiting my site.

More to come here inshallah.............


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