Why some people risk and others don't? For those who risk have faith, knowing that there is Someone who will be with them as they risk through life.

We will be remembered not by how much money we left in the bank or how many buildings & cars we owned, but by how many lives we have touched & transformed!

Sure, we must prepare to be happy tomorrow, but what about today? Should we be so busy planning tomorrow's joy that we forget to enjoy the present moment?

Life is not a race to chase but we realize it only when death comes face to face

Believers don't expect, they accept. They believe that whatever happens is good for them. They accept it whole heartedly & then live joyously every day.

A great way to live life is to let go and let it flow. Then Life, like a river twists and turns, and gives you joy and bliss that you least expected

The Attitude of Gratitude can raise your Altitude. 
Being Thankful to your Lord, its is a magical way to reach the Top.

تو مخلوق کو خوش کرنے کی فکر میں ہے ،
یہ اپنے رب سے ہی خوش نہیں تجھسے کیسے خوش رہینگے 

Time is precious not intended to waste
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