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We glorify Allah an ask Blessings and Peace on His noble Prophet his companions mad those who follow him in upholding the cause of the Right Religion.
We all know that this world is mortal. Everyone who is born here is destined to die one day, and everything that flourishes here is to meet its decay, sooner or later. We are therefore bound to believe that this is not our permanent and perpetual abode, we can never succeed in living here for ever. No one so far could do so and no one shall ever do so. Should we take this world as an eternal and everlasting home we should not be more than a fool. Without any doubt there is an end to our present existence. We are here on a journey and our original and real destination is yet to come. We are born here only to decorate our eternal home. We cannot be called wise if we prefer this mortal existence to the eternal one. It is a fact and we must bear it in mind permanently that our sole duty is to strive for the betterment of our real home.
Although the fact is so obvious and clear that none can deny it, yet man has ever since this creation in this world been neglecting it. He has been so fool as to prefer the mortal to the immortal. And it is only out of our Lord’s utmost kindness towards His servants that man is reminded every now and then of this fact. Allah, the Almighty sent down thousands of Prophets into the world to guide man to the right path. These pious servants of Allah bore tremendous hardships and went through severe trials only to guide human beings to the Right path. The sole purpose of their Prophet hood was to remind he is not here forever and that he is to be transferred to another world. They explained to him in every possible way that his real success in this world and in the After-life lies only in his becoming a true vicegerent of his Lord and in placing more importance on his next life than on this present one. The Celestial Mission they were charged with to carry on was nothing but the righteous deeds gain success in the both worlds. while the wrong deeds lead to man’s utter failure in both. They spent their lives enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.
The glorious chain has ended with the last Holy prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) May peace be upon him Through him Allah proclaimed to the world that no more prophets would now be raised up for the guidance of humanity. Allah told us that henceforth the responsibility for preaching and propagation this Divine Mission has fallen wholly upon the shoulders of the followers of this revered last Prophet Mohammed (Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam). It is really a great significant and unique virtue of this Ummat. The Holy Qur’an says that very object of this Ummat (nation) was only to strive for the guidance of mankind.
Allah says in Holy Quran: “You are the best of peoples evolved for mankind. enjoyning what is right and forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah ( 3:110)
It is a pity that the conditions prevailing now in the entire Muslim world are so extremely deplorable that what to speak of preaching of the faith and guiding the other, not more than two or three per cent of us are true to Islam. We have today become contented only with becoming superficially and traditionally connected with Islam and are far from being true faithful model of Islamic idealism.
This negligence of Muslim community towards the revival of the Islamic zeal has especially been more pitiable during the last few decade. Our enthusiasm towards “Amr B’l M’aaruf and Nahi Anil Munkar” ( enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong) has not been so energetic as it should have been. No general effort on this field was made. Of course there were many pious servants of Allah performing various religious duties in various parts of the world but most of these were individual efforts rather than a general movement.
Maualna Muhammad Ilyas (Late) (may Grace be upon his soul) can rightly be treated a pioneer in this field. He stood up in this state of chaos and took great pains to inculcate the spirit of Islamic ideology among the Muslim community, in both thought and practice. Maualna chalked out a six- point program for performing this divine mission. The significance of this program is that it aims in particular at the revitalization of Imaan (Faith) He was of the view that almost every Muslim has in the depth of his heart a bit of Imaan. But it is usually overpowered by other circumstances. If we succeed to rekindle this latent faith in his heart by providing treasure and help him to realize its importance. Imaan is the base on which the whole structure of the Divine Religion stands. So far as we do not revitalize it we can not erect the whole structure. If a Muslim is provided with an opportunity to strengthen his Imaan the tree of Islam will start blossoming, very rapidly and without much exertion. Maualna emphasized that every Muslim irrespective of his social status must try to bring home his Muslim brothers also with affection, toleration and to preach them the right action that would win them the favors of Allah and to warn them of the consequences of evil deed. In short, what he wanted was that a Muslim should strengthen his belief and reflect the true spirit of Islam by being constantly conscious of the value of his treasure i.e. Imaan.
Experience so far achieved in this field showed that Maualna was right in his approach and quite successful in his attempt. A Muslim who works in accordance with this program gains such valuable virtues as he molding his life in the pure Islamic shape.
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